Choosing a bike rack


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So a couple of months ago, after a ton of research, I bought the new Izip Protour ebike and absolutely love it! I really could not be happier with this bike! I have been riding it all over town, some days exercising for 30+ miles, and others commuting to work 5 miles each way.
The bike has a very substantial feel compared to some of the others that I test rode. I am so happy that I went with a mid-drive over hub as well. It just feels more powerful and reminds me of driving a car with a stick. Not to mention the bike is fast!!! Even though motor cuts out at 28mph, I regularly get it over 30mph!

So I am getting ready to go down the shore for vacation and want to bring it with me. I have been looking at racks, and I am analyzing myself in circles! I don't have a ton of money to spend for a rack that will get used rarely...

For some reason, I am leaning heavily towards a tray style rack. In my head, they just seem to be much more sturdy? I am looking for a rack that will carry two bikes. The Protour is about 50lbs and the girlfriends mountain bike is like 35lbs or so.
The rack will be mounting on the hitch of a 2015 Ford Edge Limited AWD.

So below are a few that I am considering (In $ ascending order). Which would you recommend?