Changing the CrossTour gear hub

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I bought a ready-to-ship CrossTour a couple of years ago, and I haven't ridden it very much because it came with the Sturmey Archer 3 speed IGH, and I live in a place that's hilly enough for that to not really work. I'm wanting to upgrade to something else but I'm not sure what my options are. I think the CrossTour is 170mm so there's no Kindernay option right now? Maybe it's just the Rohloff? I'm not sure which exact model I need and how involved the upgrade process might be. Any suggestions would be welcome!
I have a UC Pro with the same rear axle spacing.
From what I can tell the Kindernay (as you mentioned) won't fit and I don't believe the Rohloff will either.
Your only choice. as far as I can see, is to have your rear wheel re-laced with a 170mm hub and then go with a derailleur setup.
Then, you will run into the same situation that I did.
When I bought my UC Pro from WW it had an Archer 3 speed Igh, which I didn't want. Pushkar readily swapped it out for a derailleur setup and sent it to me.
When I finally got the bike it suffered from massive chain skip in 4 of the 11 cassette cogs. My local bike mechanic said that he had never seen a chain cross that severe in the 20 years he's been wrenching bikes. To put it bluntly, the drivetrain was a royal cluster f*ck. Pushkar told me he'd had the bike test-ridden and everything seemed to work perfectly. ;)
Working with Pushkar and others on this forum I was able to get the derailleur to shift decently in 10 of the 11 cassette cogs. The chain still skips in the smallest cog.

You can PM me for more discussion, if you wish.
Thanks for quick response, @Deacon Blues! Is it bad form to continue the discussion here? Maybe someone else will find it useful some day. Happy to move to PMs if that's more appropriate.

Why wouldn't the Rohloff fit? I thought it was an option for the crosstour, and in one review I found ( it mentions having a 14 speed Rohloff speedhub. They list a number of 170mm options on their website but I don't know which of these would be the right thing: or

I'm glad to hear you got everything working pretty well with your setup!
I mis-spoke when I said the Rohloff probably wouldn't fit. I didn't realize it came in a 170mm hub width.
Does your bike have the Archon X1 controller (2200 W)?
If you go with the Rohloff I'd be very interested in how the install goes.