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Hello All!

I'm happy to be here. My name is Joshua and I live in Montreal. I am looking for more information before I purchase my first e-bike.

I own a window cleaning business in the downtown area and we have recently converted from truck to bike to avoid the many terrible construction detours, parking issues, and horrible traffic congestion.

I tow a custom made trailer with my beloved John Deere fixie, geared at 46T crank, 18T cog. We only have 1 large hill in the city and I will need an e-bike to attempt it with 200 pounds of trailer on my 6.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!


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How much does the stuff weigh that is in the trailer? I can tell the trailer its self must be a beast (awesome looking though!)

I have been noticing some of the cargo ebikes, and I'm thinking one that carries stuff in front of the rider might work for you.

Another option is to put a kit on your existing bike, but you need some super good brakes towing that much weight down a hill behind you.
Hi @Berry78 !!

Thanks for your reply. On average it's about 100 pounds of supplies and equipment. The trailer itself weighs about 110 pounds by our best estimate.

Believe it or not on the flat part of our city which is about 60% of our work territory, I mostly stop by the fixie drivetrain. I can get from one side of town to the next without using the breaks. I'm in need of hefty breaks, though, when coming down some of the hilly areas which I just avoid.

I was looking at the Voltbike Mariner as an interesting option. It has disc breaks but also very tuff looking small 20 inch tires which I think would be very sturdy with a lot of weight on them.

I think you're talking about the Bullitt?... it's the most popular cargo bike with the storage space in front of the driver and the elongated front end. They are very cool! I see a few parcel/bike messengers ride them. They sometimes really pile up the boxes ha ha

Thanks again,

Actually, I do believe it...used to tow 150lbs of kids in a trailer behind me. Only on the flat! Stop pedalling for a second and you're stopped by the weight.

Since your stuff is pretty reasonable weight-wise, it really is gonna boil down to the bulk-factor. (Assuming you are willing to go without the trailer).

If you want to keep the trailer, then all you need is a bike that can receive the attachment, a 350w-500w motor, and 160mm+ brakes.
Amazing set up and total ingenuity, @Cargo Bike Trailer Josh! Just curious, is the window cleaning trailer built of wood? If so, the burl in that wood is incredible.

Thanks! It's actually a sticker stencil that I just decided looked so good that I just left on there and varnished over it. It really appeals to my target market up here in Montreal. There's an old fashioned European feel here and people love this kind of thing. Here's a close up picture. It is indeed only simple plywood. We used a propane torch to bring out the contrast of the pattern and knots in the wood before we varnished.

We designed it so that it is modular. Within a few seconds we can install a lockable pvc tube on the top to fit our window cleaning poles. As well, if we need it as an open flatbed, it just take pulling a few pins from inside and the box slides right off.


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That is so clever! So, I take it you wanna keep the trailer ;)

I've been thinking about those brakes, can't go too large, so probably should have said 180 or 200+. Hydraulic are really considered better, do your research. The ability to stop is critical!