Can't figure out how to navigate to street address in Mission Control


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Is it possible to navigate to a specific street address in the Mission Control app? (I'm on iOS.)

I can see how to navigate to a point of interest, but not to an arbitrary street address.

If you have successfully done this, can you please post step-by-step instructions?

I give up on the app until they release an update. The app is just full of bugs. It won't even let change my personal things like age and weight and bike stuff like tire size. Every time I try and change something it just goes back to the defaults. My dealer said an update is coming out very soon for the app and the bike too to stop the lights from staying on while charging.
Well, I'm not finding the app to be quite that bad. And I did figure out the answer to my question! The answer is that if you drag the map to the location you want to ride to, and press and hold that spot, a push pin appears there, and you can use it as the destination.
I have the same question. I like the app overall, but it needs to be refined a bit. It has great potential. Looking forward to improvements.