Bottle battery mounting plate


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United Kingdom
I've been given a bottle battery by someone who no longer has the bike. I haven't got the mounting plate and although there are plenty of bottle battery mounts on ebay for example, they are different to this one. The battery has to be swung in from the side, so the top is a bit lopsided. It is marked JD-XQT. Has anyone a tip for somewhere in the UK which might have a new or secondhand mounting plate?

An identification would help, or a suggestion of another case that the battery pack would fit into. It needs an internal diameter of ~88mm and length of 250mm plus a bit for the battery charge monitor and plugs.

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Does it have a four pin aviation connector? How else does it mount? Does it lock with a key. Those answers are all found down under. And, yes, we like to make jokes. Yesterdays question was, How to mount the Velcro strap on.