Bosch: “We Don’t Support Self Service”- refuses to provide appliance service manuals, necessitating unnecessary, expensive service calls.


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While this is about dishwashers, it sounds much like some of the comments I've seen here about Bosch service. A shame when they dominate the retail ebike industry.


A right to repair to ‘end the silliness’​

If you wondered why right to repair laws are needed, Seltzer’s experience is Exhibit 1. Absent a legal requirement to provide customers with the information and tools to repair the products they sell, manufacturers currently have almost total discretion about whether or not to distribute the materials and information needed to conduct repairs falls to the manufacturer, with the public paying a price.

That’s why OEMs hoarding product and service information is one of the main ills that proposed state-level right to repair laws try to correct. Of the more than 100 such bills that have been introduced in more than 40 states in the last eight years, most include language requiring manufacturers that provide service manuals as well as parts and diagnostic tools to authorized repair providers to also make them available to consumers and independent repair providers."