Bosch, Shimano or Bafang motor on etrike?

Blues Player

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I have an Orbea Gain and now due to some medical issues I need to give up the ebike and go to an etrike. I am thinking of buying an HP-Velotechnik FS-26, Azub Ti-Fly, Ice Adventure with full suspension, or a Catrike Dumont. Whatever I get the neurosurgon said I need a full suspension etrike. What I am trying to figure out is what motor would be best. I have seen some trikes that I have looked at with Shimano EP8 motors 250w, some with Bosch 250w motors and some with the Bafang 750w motors. So being new to this I am confused as to what is the best way to go. I know the Befang has the most wattage and can be added to any of the trikes but is there an advantage to having the Befang motor over any of the others besides the wattage. I also know the Bafang has a throttle and others do not.
I did a search for information, but I didn't find anything specific about what I am trying to find out. Any information would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your help. Blues Player
I wouldn't worry too much about the motor itself. Find the bike that fits you and your needs. I have a bad knee that sometimes gives out so I end up pedaling with one leg. I've added 3rd-party motors to my cargo bikes (I use the Tongsheng TSDZ2 because I wanted a torque sensor system) and have a throttle installed for those just-in-case scenarios. I don't use it much, but having the throttle means I can get home if my knee isn't cooperating.

I found this article that compares motor options for trikes/recumbents, and there are some good discussion of riders' experiences in the comments:

If you want a bike that you can bring to a local shop for repairs, make sure the shop will service whatever you buy. Some shops won't touch bikes with add-on motors.