Bosch Gen 4 Performance Line CX Issue:


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My 2020 Trek Powerfly 5 Ebike has started to turn itself off while riding
Has anyone had a similar issue and how did you manage to rectify the issue
Any pattern to when it happens?

If it's when you hit a bump or pothole then it could be one end of the powertube battery mount has come out of adjustment so it loses connection. That has been a problem other Trek (mostly Allant) owners have posted about.
Hi, BlackHand
Thanks for your reply.
There does not seem to be any pattern towards it cutting out
I have looked at a few options
I thought at first it may be when I take the bike to the assistance limit (which is 16.4mph here in the UK)
It happens on a smooth tarmac road
It seems to be on the first part of my ride
I have just done a 34-mile ride today and it started turning itself off after about 4 miles then 8 miles then 12 miles (these are approximate distances)
We stopped off for refreshments after about 18 miles, I turned the bike off and then after getting back on it was fine for the rest of the journey home
It's got me stumped
I'm thinking it may be a software issue, so I am going to speak to my Trek service guy tomorrow (Mon 18 March) and see what he thinks
Any thoughts you have would be most welcome and I will let you know what he thinks
Regards JP