Bosch controller 'dream'...

Shea N Encinitas

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So I got caught in the rain on Xmas morning, and although my haibike FS RX ran fine for several days this morning I had a dream that the controller was stuck in Shutdown mode. It would not respond to any button depressions or reset. Naturally I'm thinking if I could pull the internal battery I can force a reset VS waiting 3 weeks or whateves for a warranty cycle. In this dream two of the screws were lacquered in place and had to picked at to clear the screw head and release the bond to the plastic housing, after 20 minutes or so I was able to part the shell halves and examine the board and battery configuration all while the display remained locked up and backlit. With the internal battery soldered in place there was no way to pull the battery, so I shorted it as briefly as possible, not nanoseconds or milliseconds but perhaps just a few hundredths (a quick tap). This was enough to disable the display and put soap in my hole. I also put the open case parts in direct sunlight for 10 minutes having seen condensation even before the rain situation. I was again in nightmare territory when the unit would not boot off of the bike, and so with blind faith I reassembled it, carefully aligning the rubber seal and put it on the bike, installed the main battery and after powering the battery separately finally got a hard reset - indicated by factory settings of km/hr and the odometer was also in km, the clock in 24 hour units. Of course the lucidity of the dream slipped too and my shorts turned into cats and my bike became a skateboard with chocolate wheels. When I awoke I'm happy to report that my daily 25 went as usual. Perhaps I had too much curry to eat, but I will definitely put a sandwich bag in my kit in case I get caught in the rain again. - Shea