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Hello, newb here from Kamloops B.C. I'm here to teach but mostly to learn from you fine people.
It's in my blood to modify anything I touch so here's my current work in progress. Its a 3 month old ET Cycle T1000.

Changes I've made so far:
- Obviously custom paint (Dupont Metal Cast - Blue
- Motorized Nation 2000 watt rear hub motor
- sabvoton 45 amp fully programmable controller
- UKC1 programmable color display
- Battery is stock 48v 21ah but is currently at my buddies shop getting a new 40 amp Bluetooth BMS installed.
Various other changes like grips, chain, rear derailleur, cranks, headlight, seat, seatpost, oh and most importantly , 2 bolted on torque arms.
This bike is no speed demon but it is a head turner and that's what I was going for.
Will post new pics in a week or 2 when its finished 🙂


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