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Wes Lem

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I am brand new to the forum. Looks like a great source of information and a great place to share tips and to communicate with other e-bike owners. I am an avid bicyclist, mainly road bikes but recently joined the ranks of e-bike riders with the purchase of a 2016 Juiced Bikes Cross Currents for primary duty as a commuter bike to save wear and tear on my car.

Looking forward to meeting other members and contributing to the community.

Welcome, @Wes Len! The Cross Current is a very popular speed pedelec at a very reasonable price. There's a strong following in the Juiced Forum (which I see you have found :)). Please feel free to add some pics of your bike and tell us about where you ride and feedback on its performance; that adds a lot of valuable info that can help others.
Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I plan to contribute to the forums and give regular updates on the Cross Currents ownership experience. I ride it mostly for my commute to work 7 1/2 miles each way, with 25% on pavement, and the remainder on the Iron Horse trail, some dirt, gravel and cracked tarmac from Pleasanton to Dublin. Maintaining 19-20 MPH is really easy for me on the flats using level 1 or 2 on the electric boost. This bike is very balanced and rolls very easily, even without any electric assist. This makes all the difference in the world when riding a SAFE e-bike as having a solid platform to start-with is critical for building a high performance electric bike that inspires confidence over bumps and when making turns. A well-behaved e-bike on the road will help you avoid accident situations. Smooth acceleration, strong controlled and easy to modulate hydraulic brakes and the ability to make right and left turns keeping your balance are all highly desirable e-bike handing characteristics that are engineered into the Juiced Cross Currents e-Bike. Tora did an outstanding job refining the bike riding experience with the Cross Currents. This bike is truly a game changer in the E-Bike industry and I would have to say disruptive as it sets new records for delivering price performance that many larger E-bike companies are struggling to deliver at prices 2 to 3X more expensive than the $1499.00 msrp price of the Juiced Cross Currents.