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My wife and I have had our bikes a while now and they are great. :D So today I decided to download the mission control app to give us a bit more control over settings etc. However it looks like the Bluetooth facility is not working on the bikes :(. When I try to pair my phone with the bike, the phone says something like "pairing denied by Specialized". Also I have tried to register with the app and nothing shows on the bikes found screen. Bluetooth is enabled on my phone. We have the Garmin handlebar mounted mode changing devices which both work, but I think these communicate via ANT+ ?

Anyone else had this problem? If so PLEASE tell me how you solved it, its driving me mad now! :confused: :mad:

I just have the Bluetooth battery but getting the app to work the first few times was a little confusing. You don't need to pair the bike. You need the app to be running with location services enabled and it will see the Turbo and you essentially pair within the app. I assume you've created an account. I don't know how it works with two nearby bike. I just use it to check the charge on my battery when I have it off the bicycle.
Hi Allan

Thanks for the reply. I'm a little confused, what is the "Bluetooth battery" I thought all the batteries with the Levos were bluetooth enabled? do I need another battery?

I only have one bike turned on at a time, so that shouldn't cause any problems.

That's the other thing, how do I create an account? When I try to register under bikes found nothing comes up.

Is there any chance you could give me a step by step guide from the start of exactly what to do to get this app running please?

It maybe helpfull to others as well.

Thank you.

I have a 2014 TurboS without Bluetooth. I upgraded the battery to the TurboSC which is Bluetooth enabled and I use the Specialized app to check the charge.

It's been a while since I signed up but I think you have to have a bike within range and allow gps location to register. Once you are in the app go to settings and add a the bicycles. I am using the Android version.

The bike will still connect even if it's been turned off. I don't know if there is a time limit or if the Bluetooth is always on.
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I have a turbo levo fsr 2016, so I think the battery may be different than yours? looks like I may have a fault. Maybe just with the app......hopefully.

I have contacted my dealer, but still awaiting a reply. When I purchased the bike I was tolds I just download the app, pair with the bike and that is it! Obviously not!

Thanks for you help so far Allan. I would like to get it set up on Mission control, but if not It won't spoil our enjoyment of the bikes.

Are you trying to use the Mission Control App on an iPhone 7? There are known reported problems with bluetooth connectivity between iPhone 7 and Mission Control. There is a separate tech support just for Mission Control. Try sending email to: [email protected] describing you problems.
Hi Douglas

No, it's not an iPhone at all.

That's great thank's for the e mail address, that what I was hoping for a specific tech support.

Thank you. :):):).

Hi Colin, Not sure , but I don't know if this is your issue . But in my readings of Turbos you can't have another Turbo Levo in close proximity to the other ,to have everything pair up properly with the app.
Hi Robie

I thought that was only if the bikes were switched on? I only have one switched on at a time when i'm trying to pair one, however they are next to on another. Maybe you are right? I will try again in the morning.......Fingers crossed, and thank you for the reply :).

I remember reading when team Turbo Levo went to Moab to test ride, they had to get the bikes away from one another to pair up with each individual app.
I think it takes a while after you turn the battery off before the Bluetooth stops if it's not on a charger. You only need to be 30-40 feet away to be out of range to pair the first time.
Hi Both

I took my bike to our local trail center, and when I finished the ride I tried again, but still unable to pair. I didn't have a signal on my phone, or any GPS, would this have made a difference?

I've still not had a reply from Specialized yet.

I'll keep trying :(

You need GPS on and a location to pair. The app assumes you will be using the range feature. At least the first time you pair and add the battery/bicycle. I remove the battery to charge in the office. I use the app to check the charging status and I do not have much of a GPS signal inside but it still connects to the battery.
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Hi Allan

Well maybe i'm getting there then, just need to find a place away from my wife's Turbo Levo, and where I can get a GPS signal.

I'll try again at the weekend.

I look forward to the time when I can post success! :)

O.k. Thanks' Allan.

I'll take the battery off and pop into the garden tonight after work.

Fingers crossed! :rolleyes:
Download an app called "Light Blue Explorer", which scans the area for ALL bluetooth signals. Turn your bike on, and see if that app even sees the Bluetooth signal coming from the bike, which is called "SPECIALIZED" on the list of available devices.

If it's not, then you know the bike just isn't outputting Bluetooth like it should be. If it IS, then it must be a configuration or app issue.

Thank you. I could not download the Light Blue Explorer app as I have an android phone, but I did download something similar, which found my bike, so as you say, it must be an app or configuration problem. Not sure how i'm going to sort it though, but at least it s not the bike. :)

I am also getting a bluetooth connection issue with my 2018 Levo FSR
When I connected to someone elses bike, it seemed to have sorted itself out but the problem has returned 2 rides later. Any suggestions?