Bike Rack cover???

Eric J

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I am going to has 2 e-bikes on a Thule 9032 bike rack. The bike rack will be on a 4-Runner, and the 4-Runner will be pulled by an RV. When towing a vehicle behind a RV, the tow vehicle picks up a lot of road dirt and grime, and so will the bikes. I am looking for a bike cover that could cover the 2 bikes while traveling. A cover that can stand up to long trips on the interstate, and be able to protect the E-bikes.

Any ideas?

hey eric

i have done a little research on this but not much
my main concern was keeping the bikes dry in a rainstorm

i got a decently reviewed 2 bike cover off amazon , think it was $40-50
used it last week in a bad storm and amazingly it did not tear any

what i was reading is that any cover you get for car riding like this needs to be very tightly strapped down or they will rip to pieces
so i decided to buy a "web bungee cord truck cover" and put it over my rain cover

havent had to use the set up yet, but seems that would keep the cover secure and hopefully not rip any

was actually going to post this in accessories , will do that now