Big Bud EVO AWD Fat Bike


New Bike just came in last week. What at blast this bike is to ride. This bike is a real head turner. I am a Stromer ST2 owner and wanted to experience a bike with a different geometry that I would be able to ride on the beach sand and off-road trails.

Last weekend was my first trial ride on my new bike I took it out for 27 miles through some really incredible trails here in Northern New Jersey and did not want to come home. The dual motor system on this bike is truly incredible in the way it performs in all-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive, or rear wheel drive mode.

The best was a herd of mountain bikers trying to keep up with what the hell was tearing up their trails. They could not believe how this bike performed on the trail. Did do my homework and lowered some of the tire pressure in the humongous tires which really grabed some of the loose dirt and gravel rocky area.

Also rode about 6 miles on the street inflated the tires back to 20lb and cruised along at 18 to 19 mph in the standard mode which was really comfortable with the these giant tires. This thing feels like riding in El Dorado Cadillac on the street.

I was very excited to see the way the battery performance was on this bike running at the highest assist mode for most of my ride on the trails due to very hilly and rocky terrain . At the end of my trial ride I was still almost 70% battery level.

I really can't wait to get it out on the beach and in the sand and possibly snow this Sunday here in the Northeast to see what it does in terms of speed and range.
Would love to hear from others in this forum that are possibly riding the Snow or the Big Bud AWD Bikes and what your experiences with this incredible dual motor bike have been.


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I've got an evo snow and really like it. The bud is the natural next step, bh make great bikes so no surprise the bud is as fun as it sounds!