Bicycling Survey for 50+


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From their website:
Researchers at the Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University, are conducting a survey to gather your thoughts and preferences about cycling among older adults. Your opinions are very important, no matter how much or little you cycle, or whether you cycle at all.

The survey takes about 10-12 minutes and is anonymous. Your participation is completely voluntary. You can refuse to participate or stop the survey at any time without any negative effect on your relations with San Jose State University. If you participate, there are no anticipated risks to you and no anticipated benefits other than the satisfaction of sharing your views with the researchers.

Link To the Survey HERE

I found some of the questions interesting as I don't think they applied to where I mostly ride, but it was enlightening and perhaps the details will help public policy going forward.
If you've a few minutes to spare, give it a go.
Thanks Randall, It was enlightening. The survey contains some really interesting examples of a wide variety of cycling infrastructure. That dashed green diagonal path across the big intersection was truly eye opening. A few characteristics that weren't obviously present (but could generally inferred) from many of the pictures was a) the avg speed of the car traffic and b) the amount of pedestrian traffic. In many of the cases those would have had a big impact on my comfort levels.
I took it as well and downloaded the results summary from the last one. It's more directed at urban cyclists than rural and suburban riders like me. I go thru alleys and parking lots in urban areas. And I have never encountered a roundabout with a bike lane ...
Our roundabout is populated with tractor-trailers that blast straight through at >55 mph crossing 3 lanes in and out. Cars destroyed at that intersection >100 first year. I ride additional 6 miles and 20 hills to avoid that roundabout.
Survey had no rural roads with 96" lanes, >4" dropoff at edge, 12' or deeper ditch, no bike anything, and fast 108" wide trucks. I avoid riding in Kentucky which is mostly that. Except freeways where bicycles are illegal.