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Hi help please got report back from bh Spain saying reason why I have total shut down is due to age of bike battery considering I have only done 6061 km/3766 miles ! As I said when I have shut down and get it to fire up again I have 3bars left on the display so battrey is not flat I can the carry on it might shut down again I remove battrey or tap LCD screen and I can get on my way again. I'm confused !
have an older prodeco that i doubt has gone that many miles, although i did buy it used

it does the same thing, one or 2 cells are going out in the battery and the range is reduced and also it will cut out and die under strain climbing a hill for instance

turn it off/back on and it will come back on and be fine in the flats etc as long as it is not taxed at all

since everything else works thinking at some point will get the battery rebuilt if the prices come down
Hi Vincent yes but I still have 3bars left on the display and it occurs on the flat ,bike is going back today so it could be another week befor I get it back.hopfully it will get sorted this time or I have to get it reccll.
well let us know what you find out

mine shows a full battery when it is doing this also but the 1-2 weak cells make the bms shut the power down to prevent further damage

if i opened this motor up a lot on the flat for 10 minutes it might do the same thing, not sure
i ride it lightly and try not to trigger the problem

regardless hope BH takes care of it for you
I'm a new member to this forum, (Dolphindiver) but I had a similar problem with my Neo Race and found that replacing the defective 9ah battery with a new 12ah battery and controller solved the problem and the range is now greatly increased. I've put carbon drop bars and Dura Ace running gear and Dura Ace brake lever shifters and Carbon front wheel and tubular tire, Sella Italia carbon seat, carbon seat post and eliminated the throttle, and many other small details, all in effort to reduce weight. The bike now weighs 35 & 1/4 lbs. down from the original 43 lbs. I'm now interested in more speed (not range) and was wondering if anyone has any comments on the pros and cons of getting a new 48 volt Nitro battery in an attempt to gain speed?