Best trunk rack for MIK racks

I also went with the Basil trunk bag. Additionally I got their pannier bags which also attach with the MIK system. I was able to combine the two so they both connect at the same time with the one MIK plate.

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This is exactly what I'm looking to do. Did you get the "Basil MIK Double Decker for MIK Adaptor Plate" to enable you to click in the Paniers and Trunk bag? It seems like by default, the Paniers attachment point would block the base from the trunk. I'm assuming that's what the Double Decker solves, but their website wasn't that clear.
Thanks for posting your solution!
My wife and I have 4 bikes all fitted with MIK adapters — which I have described earlier in this post. And also shared how I fitted the Giant MIK rear carrier onto my bike. Below are several of a collection of bags and baskets we have in duplicate for both of our bikes — that we swap daily depending upon the ride.

We infrequently drop the panniers as shown as part of the Bontrager trunk, but they are sized perfectly to hold an 8 pack of chicken breasts from the store. The plastic utility box with lid gets frequent use carrying food, etc., to parties. Likewise, the insulated picnic basket is a handy.
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