Best bike feel: Geared vs direct drive hubs


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For me the ideal for electric assist is a quiet application of power on top of my own pedal input. I want to input the same human power as my unassisted bikes, but be moving much faster.

As such I have been analyzing kit systems with strain gages. I am seriously considering the eZee geared system and Crystalyte y stem from Grin technologies.

I have read much information about the differences between these two types of systems. My assumption is geared will feel more bicycle like with lower weight and freewheeling. Would love to hear from people who have experienced both. Which system will better retain the feeling of a normal bicycle?


I have a BMC geared motor that can easily be pedaled without power.. Fairly light and low resistance.. Downside it is noisier and from what i'm told, will need the internal gears replaced at some point.. That motor can't reliably handle high power over 1500W or higher voltage above 60v.

I have a 600w Stromer Direct drive.. Very quiet.. Should last many thousands of miles.. My last one got 7000 miles. Very heavy motor and no fun to just pedal.

So if you want a more natural ebike experience, go with a geared hub motor.. Just keep the power down and expect more noise and more problems.