bbs02b ticking noise


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I'm having issue with this motor. In pedal assist mode there is power jumping while pedaling and ticking noise on power cut off. When in throttle mode motor works flawlessly, no sounds. Motor is tightened strongly. Tested with all sensons switched off, still ticking sound and power juming persists.
here is video with screen and noise

bbs02b 750w
battery 48v 17.5ah
monitor 850c
gearshift sensor instlled
hydrawlic brakes
Some of the usual suspects might be the seat (or seat post), which is moving as you shift your weight while pedaling, along with loose pedals and crank arms.

I can't tell you how frustrated I was tracking one of these down a couple of years ago. It wasn't until I leaned on the seat just right (while looking for this issue) and heard a noise that seemed familiar......
I have had similar annoying clicks too and its my thudbuster st seat post and seat rails. I thought it was my motor (bosch), cranks or pedals, but its my seatpost and seat.
I just crank up the volume of my headphones.
I'm another vote for seat post or other hardware... Sound travels oddly when moving and it's origin can be difficult to pinpoint by listening. I had a squeak on my ride that I would have sworn was suspension or pedals in origin and after lubricating all I narrowed it down to the seatpost.