Battery terminal does not line up with bike pins


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Hi Everyone,

I received an XP 3.0 on January 26. The extended battery I that came with the bike would not fully charge. I received a replacement battery on Feb. 6. I charged the battery, put it in the bike only to discover the pins on the bike and terminal on the battery did not match up. I could not fully close the bike. I contacted customer support. Rather than sending me the correct battery, I am receiving a different controller plate. I realize it is not difficult to change out the plate, but it seems odd I am not receiving the correct battery instead. Is this a common practice for Lectric customer support?

Mark Schutt
So they decided to send the correct $15 discharge plate for the replacement battery they sent instead of a third $500 replacement battery. The math on this one makes sense me if they want to stay in business. I believe returning high capacity lithium ion batteries are also tricky due to shipping regulations requiring the shipper (you returning) to meet liability requirements. Least that was true before I retired from FedEx not sure it's still true.
Staying in business is important. :) With such rapid growth, Lectric must certainly face supply chain and inventory challenges, no matter how good the business model is. One day I need to take a trip to their headquarters in Arizona. I think it would be a fun walk thru.

Kevin, what is the "current upgrade" you reference?
What upgrade are you referring to?
Who, knows they may have changed components midstream due to supply issues. Or maybe their ISO 9001 standards are not as strict or comprehensive( dont think we are dealing with the Japanese here)