Battery Reserve Capacity in Cold Weather Riding

Does Cold Weather Biking Effect Battery Reserve Capacity?

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It was between 64-70 degrees today on my 28.5 mile 1:45 minute commute:
When I finished the ride it appeared that my 36V 12Ah battery had about 25% energy remaining;

On the 24th of March, the temperature at ride start was 30 degrees. After my 1 hour commute the battery capacity was registering in the red zone. I would estimate it had 10% or less power in reserve.

Has anyone had much cold weather riding experience?
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Anything below 35F cut into my range by 5%-15%, below 15F (many days this year) hit the 15% mark easy. In other words Thanksgiving to 1st day of spring I rode less, I would have anyway;) Still rode though:)