Battery Percentage Display

Several people have mentioned that the display only has a five-bar "thermometer" of battery capacity and not a full numeric percentage. This supposedly makes it difficult to tell exactly how much battery you have left. However, the display does display the charge in tenths of a volt. On my Malibu Sport, I find that 52.0 volts or greater gets five bars; 50.0 through 51.9 is four bars; 48.0 through 49.9 is three bars; and so forth. You don't need to be much of a mathematician to deduce that each bar is 2.0 volts. Each 20% bar is 20 tenths of a volt. One tenth of a volt is one percent capacity. If the voltage is an odd number point zero, you are halfway through the current bar. And so forth.

Just throwing this out to illustrate that the display is perhaps more useful than it initially appears.
This is true - one thing I've also found is that (under heavier loads/assist levels) that it depletes a bit more slowly at the top end, and faster as it gets lower. So if it took 3 volts to get somewhere, it might take 4 to get home.