Battery percentage/bars on display only update after bike powered off and back on


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Recently received a new Euphree X e-bike and noticed the display for battery percentage and bars remaining doesn't change while riding whether it's 2 miles or 20 miles. The only way to get a current reading is to power the bike off and back on. They've sent me a new controller, display and battery with no success. Anyone see this issue before?
The way Euphree explained it to me was that the battery meter is not the same as a gas guage in a car. Rather, it shows the estimated amount of power left if you continued riding at the last or currant pace that you were on. So if for example you were riding in sport mode, the average may show say 90%. If you go to tour mode, the average may go UP to say 95% as an example. Again to reflect the lesser power required by the lower assist mode. I noticed that it usually takes a ride of 15 to 20 miles before a fully charged batterery begins to register a less than 100% reading. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the response. In my case its been over 2 months and a couple hundred miles that the battery only updates when powered off and on. It will stay at whatever % the charge was on to start a ride and not update until powered off and back on. Kind of like having to pull your car over to the side of the road, shut it off and back on, to see what you have left for gas. They appear to be stumped as to the issue and the local dealer has also tried to resolve without success. I built my first ebike from a kit and have been riding ebikes for several years and have never had an issue like this. Very frustrating.
Yeah, I can only imagine the frustration with this. Sorry, the above whas all I had. Euphree is a great compny and I am sure they will do whatever it takes to get this problem fixed. Let us know how this works out.
This won't be of much help but FWIW, this also happens occasionally on one of my Pedego Platinum Interceptors. Sometimes, it will go from displaying 5 bars down to one when the battery fully discharges. As in your case, powering on and off causes the gauge to read correctly.

Pedego tech support says it is likely a controller issue but difficult to diagnose since the problem occurs infrequently. So far, it's just annoying and not worth spending any time or $ on the problem. If it gets worse, I'll try replacing the controller.
I am surprised, MY battery indicator on my Bafang BS01 shows just like a petrol gage and is really accurate, I carry a spare battery on a longer run say over 20 miles just in case
MY battery indicator shows just like a petrol gage,..

Mine does too,..


A needle bouncing around has a lot more to say than a digital readout or bargraph,..

Screenshot_20240611-184803_Amazon Shopping.jpg

These are indeed good gauges for those who prefer an analog readout, and they are available for 36 & 48V systems. For 52V bikes, a 510 ohm resistor needs to be wired in series with the gauge to make it read correctly.

The gauge is designed to be panel mounted, which can be awkward to place on handlebars. Also, the face of the gauge is waterproof but the back isn't. I use these weatherproof ABS project boxes to mount mine:


The box is easily mounted to the bars with this clamp:


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