Battery Maintenance - Away for 5 months


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First off, I have owned my Neo Cross (12amp) for about 10 months and absolutely love riding it. Was using it to commute to work but am now taking a career break and traveling around South America for 5 months. According to the Emotion website, I should charge the battery every 4-6 weeks to maintain the lifespan of the battery.
Do I simply have somebody plug in the battery every 4 weeks until its fully charged (assuming it loses charge sitting around inside) or do I let my little punk nephews ride it every few weeks and charge the battery after each use?

Thank You!!
I'd keep your nephews well away from it! ;)

Should be aok if you have someone flick the wall power switch on to charge occasionally...
Thanks Craig! I agree, they' ve been drooling over it ever since I let them test ride it!!
Run the battery down (or charge up) to 70%, at 2.5 months have someone flick the switch just for 1 hour. Top off when you get back, ride and recharge as usual. -S
Here's a good article on battery storage.. And seems to make sense based on the manuals I've read...

From Bosch: For the Bosch battery in particular the optimum charge state to leave it in is 60% (Or 3 LED’s lit on the battery level indicator). For very long periods try to check the capacity every 6 months or so. When the battery reaches 1 LED showing, then top it back up to 3 LED’s again. Many people think its best to keep the battery on the charger so its always topped up in storage, but this is simply not the case. The Bosch charger wont ‘over charge’ the battery at all but again it does leave the battery under more pressure.