Battery Issue After Moving Battery from Down-tube to Rear Rack

Good Afternoon,
Has anyone, who has moved their battery from the down-tube to a rear rack had issues with the battery in the new position?
I have a Rize City (Step-Through) Mid Drive and I moved the battery from the down-tube to the rear rack.. After a couple rides the positive wire dislodged from the charging port. I would like to know if anyone had battery issues with moving the down-tube battery to the rear rack.
I really like the battery on the rear rack. It is a lot easier to get on the bike and stopping is much safer as well.
There are negative issues that can be cited from moving the battery to the back rack, but a loose wire isn't one of them. Thats just a goof on your part that you need to fix, or the wire was loose to start with and now you're aware of the problem.
I cracked the case, and removed the hot glue from the positive lead on the charging port. The lead from the port had broken off. I took it to Batteries Plus and they soldered the wire to were the lead was. The battery was able to charge up to 55.7v. I will most likely need to replace the charging port soon.