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BT F15.640.C is the style I am looking for

I am looking for the battery box with the staggered plug/ base. I have a bike that I need to change the base out to the staggered blades then update a battery box (actually 2 batteries). I am trying to get all my bikes on the same battery and chargers.. For some reason there was an update or a change to the bikes and the batteries are different so I dont want to carry a bunch of different chargers and batteries So I am looking and trying to locate the parts that the battery with the 6 offset slots so I am able to add it to the bike to match the other 2 bikes I have.. ANyone know where to get an empty battery box or just the end cap with the 6 blades

Cant seem to find it anywhere on the internet .. Called the manufacturer (have someone working on it) to see if I can get these parts and swap them out.


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Here is a pic of the base... 48v 17.5ah 820w


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Ok so I was able after many hours of searching.. the battery I need is BT F25.820.C

The latch assembly is BM F25 (this has the 6 blade receiver).

Anyone have any idea where to purchase?



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Anyone have any ideas on where to find these? Found a battery supplier but only sales to wholesale.
Strange.. I seen a reply earlier and now its gone... Battery issue is fixed (parts on the way). I was able to get them from the bike builder. THanks
curious where I would be able to get this battery. BT F25.820.C
I'm building my first e-bike from the frame up and it will require this battery for down tube.
I figured as a stock Bafang battery it would be readily available but this is still difficult to find.
At least with an online search.

Any advice you have on where I can purchase this is very much appreciated.