Bafang Pedal settings for single speed big gear?


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Just got the Eggrider display, and it works configured as a Bafang Controller, with my single speed Ride1UP Roadster v2!
Note: 36v, 350w, 500w peak, 7ah, 250 wh x 2 batteries = 500 wh total, 40nm torque, bike fully loaded with gear food water = 42 lbs

Problem is, the bike is a single speed, with a 64x20 single gear carbon belt. And so I'm really confused on good Bafang Pedal settings. Especially for Start Current %, Keep Current %, and Current Decay. Have done a lot of searching and reading, but this seems like a fairly unusual situation.

1) Since it only has one big gear, and I do a lot of hill climbing, I sometimes need a lot of power, and quickly. Want to have a higher value Start Current %, but also don't want to burn out the controller and motor? Is 80-100% too high? Is 25% too low? Worried about being stuck on a big hill.

2) At higher speeds, like 25 mph, my cadence is 100 rpm. And at 30 mph, 120 rpm. Should my Keep Current % be lower?

3) The max speed of this bike for assist is 24mph, but can I change the Bafang settings to increase that? Or is max controlled by the capability of the controller and motor? It's hard to keep up on club rides, since I'm maxed out at 24 mph by assist and gearing.

TIA! Excited about this, but also worried about burning something up! Any advice is appreciated!
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