Bafang motor pinion problem

Rog lee

New Member
Bafang motor pinion problem solved,"I hope". Sheared 3 teeth on my 48v midi motor after approx.600 miles, stripped it down and changed it with the help of you tube,not difficult at a cost of £17 from greenbikekit,the reason I think this happened is because i was changing gear whilst motor running and pedalling hard causing a sharp snatch in the gears.
Could this be the cause?,anyone else had this problem,or shed any light on it. Pitmogie.
Absolutely. Some of us think some the later pinions are not up to the early quality, but your description, IMO would do it. There's a reason for things like the gearsensor, Green Button, and stopping the motor momentarily to shift. I think you found one.
BTW Spares are cheap enough. I keep a pinion, pinion plate, plastic gear and bearings for each model I own. I HATE waiting.