Bafang BBSHD

I had to replace the front disc brakes on a folding electric bike that came with YUS brand (garbage). I decided on the BB7 and so glad I did, they are easy to adjust and don't rub on the disc.
@Woody great information thank you! If I get the Framed fat bike with the Avid BB7 Hydraulics then I get nicer components all around x9 whereas if I go with the hydraulic I get a mix of x7/x9 components.
You're welcome Logan. I'm no expert and maybe someone else with more expertise will confirm that the BB7 brakes are mechanical not hydraulic as stated above in your last post.
I bought the night train bullet (Motobecane) from bikes direct. It is on the way to my house now. I also ordered the BBSHD from Luna Cycles and they hope to ship units by the end of the week. I read the same article you posted by Karl and that had me a little worried. I'm wondering if I should have ordered from Lectric Cycle to get the gear and brake sensing but don't want to wait till December to get it. I'm also wondering about ordering a 750 watt motor and canceling the BBSHD.
I also ordered supernova lights from supernova in Germany yesterday. I'm a little worried about making the bike look clean with all these wires. My bike has internal cables and I hope to run some through the frame but we will see. I've also realized that my amount spend is getting pretty high and wonder if I should get a Izip Sumo or something that is already packaged.
I think that Karl from EFB is hardcore, and expects a lot out of his bikes. For general users, commuting and some fun exploring or trail riding, I think 1000w at 30 amps is overkill. You have realize most of the reviews from bloggers and what have you, they've grown into themselves and the way they ride. Everything's subjective. Here in denver, it's going to snow, melt, be sunny and then freeze in the course of 48 hrs. The way we'll ride will be different from every other ebiker in the USA, because denver is so different in its climate on a daily basis.

I'm not really bothered by his review, he's a gearhead and will tweak everything until it suits him. You should be fine if you really want a fat bike and the HD. If you want speed, however, a road bike and a 750w is probably better choice. There are pre-packaged deals that are better too. For example, the Izip e3 Dash for 2015 has mad reviews that rave about it. I'm sure the 2016 model will boast a 750w rear hub and more tweaks while staying in the 1600$ price range. But only you can say what's right or wrong for your needs. I've been on these forums for over a year posting and reading, and going to my local ebike shops and test riding everything under the sun. I'm set on my fatty sitting in my living room and the HD that's coming in a few weeks.

Best luck fell Coloradoan!!
Speaking of snow.... It was surprising to wake up to it this morning. I was wishing my bike was finished so I could ride in it! I'm going to stick with the Motobecane Night Train I ordered and hopefully the HD will be here soon.

Eric from Luna Cylce said:
They are clearing customs and we should have them any day...probably shipping this week.

I'm excited to build my first e-bike.
Likewise, my Grav is still sitting in the shipping box. Once the drive arrives I'll take everything apart and let the magic happen!!
After installing the cadence meter, I can confidently say that the BBSHD is the VTEC among the mid drives. I can spin up to 130 rpm as if I didn't have the mid drive. The no load max cadence even at the lowest assist level is 180 rpm. So you can spin your legs as fast as you want to without the rpm cut off of other mid drive motors. And I like that very much since I want the biking experience to be as normal feeling as possible. I just installed the fenders with the goal of maximizing splash protection to the motor. Also found out that a belt is much better option to the bungee in securing the battery from vibration.
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