Bafang 750V service and repair?


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I think my Bafang may be damaged. Went up a steep hill on the street and motor began to make a lot of noise.
Is there a Bafang repair station? West coast, bay area preferred.
I live here too, bay area, I think there is one in s.f. and one in marin. They are dealers of I have 750 bafang too, it's new.
I took it to The Bicycle Works in San Anselmo. Gave me an estimate of $120 for parts. I'll let you know how they perform.
Just curious Sonomajazz, can you share a little more detail on what happened? Were you going up the hill in a high gear, or using throttle mode when it started making noise? I've heard from someone who works on them in So.Cal that it's best to use a low gear ratio when hill-climbing with the Bafang. I'd also be interested to hear what the bike shop says was the problem.