Unable to peddle my Adult trike anymore, I parked it for several years until I could get a ebike kit for it. I went with a 48v battery and a direct drive cargo trike motor kit. There are lots of both bike paths and trails through wildlife and floral habitat and I get out on a regular basis on it.


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Most of Texas is flat enough that a DD motor will be a good match. Do not try to cross any 6 lane highways on a green light. Weak acceleration. Enjoy the ride.
I am a 1950 model. Texas refuge. 7 rear end collisions drove me out of Houston.
The small inclines that I've encountered haven't been any problem. With a 14ah 48v battery I go the 8-10 miles that I ride at a outing. I go to Sugarland Memorial Park, Brazos Bend State Park and a couple of smaller parks near me that has summer catfish and winter trout stocking. Main thing with this motor is going 3-5mph on inclines to ride with grandkids. It does 13-15, but that's about top speed. No, not enough to cross hiways. It's real stable and great fun on bike paths and basic trails. Riding through the prairie trails of Brazos bend was real nice with all the birds from north in area.
Now that winter trout stocking is done and while summer catfish stocking hasn't started, I can ride the bike paths and trails without dealing with the big basket. I love this thing.