awesome bike cover for travelling

I did the "Dual Bike cover for transport on rack", Amazon, $46+ $16 shipping. It also has the semi clear plastic covers near the front and rear wheels for the vehicle tail lights. This cover is large enough to encase both of my Radrovers on my Saris Freedom Superclamp 4 bike rack. There are enough straps and zippers to secure the cover on the bikes to minimize flapping in the wind.

I purchased before I traveled from ABQ, NM, to the Grand Canyon in anticipation of snow and/or rain during the trip. I also wanted to use the cover if I had to keep the bikes on the vehicle rack overnight at the hotel. No bad weather during the entire trip; but, I did use it to cover the bikes overnight (kept the frost off them, added extra Xena 14mm security chain and Xena 18mm U-bar, and had ebike batteries in hotel room to keep warm).

Amazon Link:

- comes in storage bag, small size when folded, about the same size as a regular twin size pillow
- look like thick weather resistance materials for traveling in snow or rain
- easy to put on (knees and hands will get dirty securing zippers on bottom)
- covers entire bike and rack up to where the rack arm is inserted into trailer hitch for a 2-bike rack.
- still covers 2 bikes on a 4-bike rack; but, there will be a slight opening on the bottom of cover where the longer 4 bike rack arm extends to the 2nd rack. Will need two covers if you have to cover 3-4 bikes.

- no way to lock or secure the cover to the bike, rack, or vehicle. (reason for extra locks when parked)
- cover blocks entire rear view from my MDX SUV hatch rear glass (and no back-up cam, back-up sensors, or back-up lights either)
- will cover your license plate, check with local/state laws if that is allowed
- Blocked my rear light too much for my taste, added AUX 4-way light just in-case to my hitch harness (Hitch Cargo Carrier Magnetic Mount LED flat 4 tail light kit, Amazon, $75)
- felt like I was dragging a parachute when I tested the cover on the hwy for the first time. A lot of drag on my SUV at 65-70 mph (felt like I was pulling a 2000 lbs trailer). I don't think I could drive my normal speed of 75-80 mph in the southwest with the cover. You might not feel the drag like I did with a different make/model of vehicle.

Stock photos:
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Nice find

Using my cheap one from Amazon and the bungee cords I did not notice much drag on my SUV ...
Did not take too much of a hit on fuel mileage

The 6 x 12 enclosed trailer is a different story though, definitely taking a hit in mileage there

Unfortunately did not think about the lights being covered up when I bought those cheap covers
Glad to see there is an option with the clear sides to it
I live in the south where the weather can be a little harsh on outdoor items, and my storage is limited. The YardStash bike cover does a great job protecting my bikes.
Plenty big enough for 3 bikes, maybe even 4 if you are careful.
A tip: bikes should be facing in the same direction, or you might rip this cover.