Aventon Level 500w Upgrade to 1000W or Higher?


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Hello community!

I am about to purchase an Aventon Level after months of research on the best bike for the price. I have a perhaps silly question, but could I swap the 500W stock for a higher grade, say 1000W or even higher? That being said, will the bike frame, motor etc be able to handle that? I am not worried about the archaic, arbitrary and quite prejudiced American e-bike speed restriction laws. I would only want to reach these higher speeds on pedal assist, not throttle only, so I believe that my intentions are ethical and sound. I just want a faster commute to work over the hilly 17mi that it takes to reach it! :p

I would only want to reach these higher speeds on pedal assist, not throttle only, so I believe that my intentions are ethical and sound.
Blooming heck....

People with throttles aren't monsters... :D

I blame Fred for starting this nonsense.

Regarding upgrading the controller, I think the aftermarket KT controller and display (of your choice) would be the smarter move. If for no other reason than it would leave you with an adjustable controller. A bit more work for the conversion maybe, but worth it in my experience.

Speaking in more general terms (other than the bikes mentioned here), I would think the same way - unless - you were talking about a torque sensor system. I haven't seen a torque sensing system from KT - yet. Looking forward to that feature....

Regarding whether or not the bike would handle the extra power, there's little doubt there, in my mind anyway. -Al
Timpo, I put a 20a KT in the Espin Flow we bought recently. No trouble stuffing it in where the original controller was. KT controller was about the same size as the original.
Thanks for the replies everyone, I am going to look into this as an option. I want a fast commute, for ref I just biked to work 18mi on a fixie in Portland, OR and then back in the evening (b/c I am babying my Trek Madone and do not want to go trudging through the downtown streets). Ha. That being said, I just need speed (even with Madone it takes a while going up and down the hills to get to work, a little extra power would do wonders. I can be satisfied with 28mi PA, but that number is very arbitrary to be restricted to and was looking for a bit more of an edge if the price was fair. How much does it cost do you estimate to make this transition? Mind you I am completely clueless on this front. Basically w/e the frame can handle and then w/w has to be done so that the controller and the motor are happy together, so w/e can get me say a 1000, 1500 or better. So I suppose that would be 1500w / 48V. That being said, if the price is astronomical it is not worth it to go 6-10mph faster. I have based this assessment on this chart > https://erideguides.com/how-fast-do-electric-bikes-go/
Keep in mind going faster then 28 on a bike is not the same as that on say, a motorcycle. I've had my bike at 30mph and I slowed down. You want to regularly go faster on a cheaper priced bicycle, your asking for trouble.

Be careful, only saying this because I care about you.

The reason I kept asking how to make a e-bike go faster was because I didn't have one yet. I see a trek bike in the window across the street. It's $6,999. I'd maybe think about going faster on that one, but not on a cheaper ebike.

Could you try it first? 500 watts doesnt mean the same thing on all Bikes, if the thing is pulling it will help you a lot, more speed? Switch to an 11 tooth cassette( or freewheel- had an ecruiserup to 36 mph with this setup) Over 28 mph is asking for a bad injury on a bicycle, you will hit with 4 times the force at 30 mph vs15 mph.