Aurora Limited SL


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Anyone have any thoughts about this AL with chain drive, and manual shifter? The cost is significantly less, but it won't have belt drive or the option to use the automatic shifting feature.
I'm a big fan of the Evelo/Gates Belt/Enviolo drive system, which is not all that common in the ebike market (yet). But they do command a much higher price. The Aurora Sport (Limited SL??) with the chain drive, derailleur, and hub drive puts it into a VERY crowded market with a lot of other good choices. They have reduced the price to $1,700 but there are many ebikes out there in that price range. I noticed that the Aurora Sport has cable operated disk brakes which is not great at that price range. Evelo's service/support is at the top of the chart, but looking at something like the Aventon Level Step Thru at $1,500, it would be a tough choice.
The Aurora Limited SL is an Aurora Limited customer return that has had the belt removed and replaced with a chain, and the shifter replaced with a manual shifter.
I guess I'm wondering how well the chain will hold up with a high torque mid motor.
Ah-ha, I didn't realize Evelo had modified some of their returns! I wouldn't have any concerns about the chain strength. The majority of mid drive ebikes on the market are still using chain and derailleurs. I have the Atlas with the manually shifted Enviolo hub (same as the SL) and it works well. Although it does use a twin 'push-pull' cable system all the way from the handlebar to the rear hub.
My previous Aurora was a nice bike and I really liked the (discontinued) Enviolo Harmony shifter.
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I just bought an Aurora SL and it should hopefully arrive in a week or so. This will be my first e-bike and I think it'll be a great fit for me. I wanted an Atlas and could probably swing an Aurora Limited. I figured the SL with all the benefits of the Limited but with a standard chain drive and manual shifting should be a fantastic introduction to e-bikes.
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