assist problem

my bike will not move off of power assist 1 it acts like the plus and minus buttons are not working any thoughts
Please tell us more, what ebike are you riding and further description of the problem. My first impression is that there is connection problem between the control pad and the display. I would go there first and scrutinize the wiring.
@tonybrwn20, Mark and I would agree, this sounds very much like an issue with the connection to the console or the console itself. We all need a bit more information from you: what is the bike that you have and what year model? Did the bike just start doing this? or has this been going on for a while.

Try unplugging the connections to the console and then reconnect. If you have a smaller set of toggle buttons( + or -) to the side of the console try powering down the bike then unplug and then replug the connectors and then power up the bike to see if it will see the separate control buttons.

All of us can help you better, though with more information on your bike, Tony :). There are other possibilities but this is a good place to start.