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E-Bike Plague Hits State Parks​

Tyler Warren starts a petition to stop the spread.​

Tyler Warren started a petition to save State Parks from E-Bike invasions.
The Orange County native is a surfer-shaper with an affinity for heritage surf craft, whimsical lines, and tranquil beaches. Yesterday, Tyler sent out a rally cry to preserve space on sand. The photo depicts e-bikes shading the beach like ants on a three-day-old Cheeto. See the post below:
Tyler’s words and unsettling imagery prompts the question—Has the E-bike takeover done more good or harm? Our inner naturalists love the electric power and loathe the sandy tire tracks— just like our wallets enjoy the gas change and hate the hospital bills—an unusual predicament.
So far, Tyler Warren has collected 1300 signatures on his petition.

Notice in the middle of that picture is a sign clearly designating that as bicycle parking and has bike racks all around the perimeter.

Tyler obviously tried to make this look like it was all ebikes but you can also see many pedal bikes and that is where they are supposed to park. How did Tyler and his friends get to that beach? In a car? "I have plenty of friends there that ride them and get their in ease". Maybe Tyler just couldn't remember where he parked his bike?

Most surfers I know have always had this attitude that the beaches belonged to them and hate anyone else that might want to enjoy them and has their tax money used to provide these recreation beaches for people to use.

Your thoughts?
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Cool picture. I too love going to the beach and enjoying nature, sand, and a peaceful view of the ocean waves. I would consider signing a petition...
Better all those bikes than the same number of cars. I also have to wonder if Tyler gets himself to that beach in a pollution-spewing 1960s VW bus...
The problem as I see it is too many people doing the same thing in the same place. That's true in the big picture as in 8 billion people are too many and are destroying the planet. Too many surfers in one part of the ocean or too many bikers on one trail is the same concept. Personally I wouldn't live some place like that. There are some really nice biking/walking trails about three miles from my house. I ride there a lot and most times I come across a few walkers here and there and occasionally see someone else on a bike (very very rarely an ebike) but a lot of the time especially in the spring or fall I see no one at all. My answer to people who ask "why didn't you have children?" has always been: "It's my gift to the planet."
When faced with this same problem, the National Parks Service banned private vehicles from many National Parks. They built larger parking areas and now use busses to transport tourists to the attractions.

In Arches NP and several others, the NPS uses a "timed entry" plan during the busy season. Visitors are required to apply on line for an entry date & time slot. This reduces entrance wait times and controls the number of tourists in the park at any one time. The wife and I used it this past spring and it works quite well.

Unfortunately, these concepts aren't exactly the same and would only be partially effective here. They would also be a pain for riders but perhaps better than an a ban. Larger parking areas might help but wouldn't solve trail congestion. Timed entry permits would require park rangers to administer and would cost $$.

Let's hope this problem doesn't turn into an outright e-bike ban.
Tyler doesn't have a clue. Large population concentrated on the coast is his real issue. Good luck!
That was kind of my take on it. Upset about the number of ebikes or the number of people using the beach? Two different problems in my mind.
Sorry about late resurrection of thread, there are people who maintain we are going to become extinct because of a declining birthrate( unlikely) the fact is with a few crop failures of our monoculture agriculture system we are going to reduce the population in short order, most of the survivors will probably be a few preppers( whom the mobs don't kill) a few lucky ones, the privileged and their servants( the military) most of mankind literally eats petroleum, the burgeoning yields in crops allowed the population to swell beyond the natural carrying capacity of the Earth. I do not know who thought it was a good idea to destroy the "Georgia Guidestones" while I cannot agree with everything contained on those monuments( reeks of eugenics) there were some perfectly salient ideas contained therein, we may have to do something similar to have a future for our species, which brings up another thought, who did those People who put up all these government grant greenhouses think they would be working for in a few years hence? I live in an increasingly sparsely populated county which can be cut off from any comings and goings within a few hours, which makes me woner about the people that are moving here and snapping up any availible land and doing some really crazy crap on the building and habitat codes.
I digress, lets bring this back to the increasing hostility facing Ebikes, its mostly this, People, as a rule, are greedy and do not want to share. Your enjoyment defeats their exceptionalism and sense of well-being, we see fraternities everywhere now and the problems the "Brotherhood" creates( take your pick) Tyler must envision himself in a fraternity of Warriors against common joy or the "Killjoy club' or fraternity of selfish clueless ones. Contrary to what People of His ilk love to think[ no man is an island] Ebikes to all! Peace, love, mutual understanding and caring. Very few are exceptional and deserve an exception, theres seems to be no problem in the Netherlands about large numbers of bikes in general, so there shouldn't be a problem about Ebikes in this huge land we share-Zoro Platedo
P.S. most people tend to get over being a teenager if given a long enough lifespan, however there are poor unfortunates who never grow up.