Are new members not allowed to introduce themselves and post a pic and a brief review


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I posted a thread to introduce myself and my ebike, it was my 1st ebike and I was excited to share a new hobby with members here who also ride a currie. I posted a brief review and posted a pic and the moderaters removed the thread? Why? Did I offend someone? This is a terrible way to greet new members.

I did not know Ebike forums were run by stuck up snobs who hates newbies. Thanks for a negative exp.
That seems kind of strange. I've found this to be a very friendly forum and I daresay I've never gotten the impression that our mods were stuck-up snobs at all.
Also welcome, and I'm glad you're enjoying your new eBike. I bet your machine rocks.
There have been threads and posts disappearing and reappearing all day. The site is buggy. I lost a post today on a new members thread that's also gone. The new member not only lost their first thread, they also had to register again.

Mods/admin haven't removed anything! The site needs maintenance, I emailed the webmaster when I couldn't enter (error 404) here at all.
Thanks J.R. I have emailed Court and Ann. I'm sorry that your post and others have been lost!
@87112 You most definitely are allowed to! We love new members and their experiences with their bikes and want to see them and hear all about it! Sorry for the issues the system is experiencing and that it left a bad taste in your mouth. Hopefully we can get it all sorted out soon and we will be able to read your post!
Okay, the word from Court is that there have been a few issues with the site and that they are working on a redesign and upgrading the servers right now which is why we are experiencing what we are right now. Good news is that it wont last forever :) @J.R. @87112
Hey 87112:

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Hang in there. It gets better.