Anyone use AXA Key Service?


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Anyone use the AXA Key Service to obtain spare keys for the battery lock (on AXA-equipped bikes)?

I ordered a pair for my 2022 Vado 4.0 using the keycode of the originals. In due time the spares arrived. Same keycode engraved on the keys, they look identical to the originals...

... but they don't work! They fit into the lock but won't turn.

So I contacted AXA, explained the trouble, they send another pair of spares... ... and they also don't work. 😥

I've contacted Specialized but thought I'd see if anyone here has had any experience with spares from AXA key service.
Following up - Specialized Support said there's no reason the AXA replacement keys shouldn't work fine, and suggested I work with my LBS to do a keycylinder warranty replacement. It'll be a few days until I can get to the LBS with the bike so we'll see.
... and per the LBS, Specialized says that since the two original keys work just fine it's not their problem.

Claim denied. FML.
That is a bummer! I ordered spare AXA keys for a used Ghost bike that I bought. They worked perfectly. If you find out why they do not fit please let us know.