Anyone tried BBS02 on a regular Felt MTN Bike?

Mike leroy

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I want to install a BBS02 750W, 48V on a conventional Felt mountain bike. The reason I excluded Felt bosch ebikes is because the Bosch does not provide enough torque for my hills. My estimate shows I need 90Nm torque.

I simply want to identify a traditional Felt mountain bike that is identical to one of their ebikes. I believe the full suspensions will not work. So, I assume there may be a traditional hardtail equivalent to an eBike.

I hope to find a used Felt on Craig's list. I did notice that some felt hardtail have 73mm BB, which is compatable with BBS02. I am also willing to buy a new felt, if necessary.

I do not own any type of bike. I feel if I limit myself to felt, I will stand less chance of screwing up. I do not know enough about bikes in general to make good choices on used bikes.

When I compared the full suspension eBike to the traditional mountain bike, it became apparent the two different types are not swappable, because the rear shock designs are different to accommodate the battery and motor.

More felt details. Side-by-side comparison DUALe and NINE 60. I would probably go with Nine 3, which costs $2K more than the Nine 60
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