Anyone running 2020 Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus ?


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My bad. I didn't intend to mislead. The tires I bought say they are e-bike rated somewhere (Schwalbe web site maybe?), causing the confusion on my part, but I see they are 26x2.0 Marathon HS when going back to the purchase info.

I love them! I can run a gear higher than I used to be able to run due to lower rolling resistance, and they are QUIET! -Al

My new 2.00" replaced 2.3's. I didn't notice a difference in control on various surfaces.
And do you have the Schwalbe heavy duty tubes in them? No sealant, I'd guess.
Nothing remarkable in my set up. Plain vanilla tubes with lotsa Slime!
I have been using these new tires for a couple of weeks (replacing old Energizer (not the last generation), which were too slick and slippery when roads were wet).
I have bought them on an german internet site.
When installing them, I was very surprised by ease of installation (I usually struggle to set new tires, and I had a bad experience installing Marathon Plus, several yers ago (not the last version)).
I am very pleased with these tires (around 350 km made so far): weight addition (around 200g per tire) is not noticeable (I ride a lot without electric assistance on); grip on either dry or wet is good; comfort is good (I was not please with the Marathon Plus I mentioned earlier).
Thanks for posting .
Which site ?
I’m super happy with the Schwalbe Marathon Almotion 28 x 2.15 running tubeless . (I didn't find these tires on other sites I used to buy from (wiggle, bike24...)).
Looks like Rose Bikes also carry them and ship from Germany to the US, looking forward to reading some reviews as I’m looking for something with better wet weather grip than the 700x35c Marathon HS420 greenguard tires I currently use for my city bike
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I have not tested the grip by sharp banking on mine. I am too caucus now. they have slid on pine needles and some mud. got two flats in two days but the nails went through the side more then the middle.
Still get confused by the tire sizes🤔🤔 I run a Schwalbe Smart Sam(29x2.25..57-622) n would like to purchase these Marathon E-plus tires...Would the 28x2.15...55-622 fit on my bike?? Just a little confused