Anyone experienced any issues after wheel size mod?


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Just bought a levo and the 25kmh cut off rate is absolutely ridiculous! My lighter non ebike easily speeds along the roads at the roads limit. I'm finding that on the Levo, it's so heavy, so resistant, that I struggle to keep the bike above 25kph.

So I understand we can adjust the rear wheel size to assist in allowing the motor to keep assisting up to around 40kph which is much more reasonable and while still slower than my pedal power non elec bike, would be far less dangerous on roads than a slow 25kph heavy bike that fades in and out of assistance.

Has anyone who has done the change, reverted back to default due to issues?
Has anyone experienced any issues?
Was the change overall positive or negative for you?
Would you recommend doing it?

Thanks everyone and happy biking :)
I did the 'hack' and it was a HUGE difference. The lag was terrible (as you stated) The bike was way better this way...I WOULD do it. If you don't like then simple go back to old settings.