Any Suprisingly Good Bikes Out of China?


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Anybody have any experince with some of these Chinese/Indian bikes that turned out to be suprisingly well built? I gather its not gonna be anything like my Stromer, but for a country that embraces e-bikes there must be viable options, right? Just considering an affordable companion bike when and if the old lady would like to go for a ride. Granted as far as I know nearly all e-bike motors are made in China.

If you put in e-bike into Alibaba you get pages of options.
Most eBikes are manufactured in China due to the lower labor costs. I'm pretty sure my BH Easy Motion EVO bike was made there. It was designed by BH in Europe. It seems good so far.
Anybody have any experince with some of these Chinese/Indian bikes

Hard to comment on any bike sold on Alibaba, but in general China and Taiwan are the builders of the vast majority of bike frames and many of the components used in assembling the finished bicycle. As far as quality; people swear everyday about the high quality of their very expensive bicycles not realizing that unless it was custom made by a shop in this country it probably was made somewhere in China or Taiwan. If you really want to buy an inexpensive ebike, I'd stick with ebay, some of the bikes sold there actually come with warranties and can be returned.

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Bikes with hq out of Europe are highly overpriced. Bikes out of China same hardware

Just look at the components
Purchasing directly off of Alibaba or Ebay has major drawbacks. Support/warranty is NIL.
I wouldn't suggest anyone to go that route. Too many people end up getting burnt.
There are several bikes for less than $1K and carry upto 1-2 year warranty.