Another complete noob, looking for some advice


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I am a 50-year-old woman, in OK shape, but a bit overweight. I recently moved to Crestone, CO (altitude: ~8000 ft (still adjusting since I moved from Portland, OR)). I would like to use a bike for commuting (2-3 miles) and errands. Most of the roads here are dirt (sand and gravel), and there are also a lot of hills, and sometimes snow. I'm 5'8". I am willing to learn bike maintenance (and my husband knows the basics). So I think that what I need is a mountain-bike style eBike. I want something that is good quality but doesn't break the bank. Are there any bikes that you would recommend that are under $3000? I'm happy to buy used, also, from a reputable seller. I will probably also have to buy online, but might be able to go to Boulder (though I suspect bike prices might be inflated there). Thanks for your help!
From my limited knowledge it sounds like a fat tire might be good for you.
Finding used eBikes, let alone a fat tire model, will be difficult to find.
And keep in mind that a battery for a Bosch or Yamaha system will cost around 700-800$$, and a used bike might have used many of the 700 or so recharge cycles these have in them.
Try to find a 2016 Haibike FatSix in your size.
Hard to come by but worth the effort, I still see a few around offered at around $3k.

Good Luck. You'll love it when you get into, everyone does!
A lot of people like the Radpower Radrover. I've ridden them a couple of times and rather like them too. You have to buy it direct from the manufacturer and it runs about $1600.
Two recommendations to look at: The Boar from Surface604 and The Catalyst from Smart Motion. One is a fat tire bike and the other is a hard tail suitable for most dirt roads.
My wife and I both purchased the RadRover (both of us are 51, I'm 6"3" 270lbs, wife 4'11" 135lbs). We were able to get two bike for the price of one of the higher end bikes. The fat tires, front suspension, and upright riding position makes the bike very comfortable to ride. I added a larger cruiser seat, Bodyfloat adjustable seatpost, rear rack, Topeak rack bag with panniers also for extra comfort and space. The 750w rear hub has enough power to move me up the steepest inclines in ABQ, NM (5000 ft around town to 7000 ft in foothills).

I started parking my car and riding my bike the 13 miles roundtrip to work 3-4 times a week. The fat tires do a very good job smoothing out the road bumps on almost any surface and very easy to transition from road, trail, sand, gravel, mud, etc... Maintenance has be very simple since it is really a regular bike with ebike components added
Ride the bike befire you buy. Lucky you, youre in a great city to do that. Ive been talkng to "bike friday" people. Incredible cargo frame and made there. You have so many great shops. Fit is everything. Buy after you ride. Fat tire ride very different to me. I have wider than usual tires, 2.5 inches and tyey are fine. I found the 4" tires to have control characteristics i didnt like. But ride before you buy will solve it. The bike we say fits may not fit you. All or most are decent, its you that needs to be happy, dont get brand focused. Focus on you and comfort.