Aloha, new Stromer Guy!


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Aloha. I just dropped the down payment on an ST1 to be shipped to Hawaii.I think I paid too much considering its no longer the newest model. Kinda new to Ebikes. I got interested when I saw a guy on a Greyborg pass me in traffic. I caught up to him, asked what it was, and I have been hooked since. I have test rode the Elite, an A2B Kuo, Haibike, and the Platinum. The ride is so smooth, I knew it was what I wanted. Never thought I would spend this much on a bike, but I look at it as an investment. Funny, I was considering the ST2 for a short while. Spent several hours on Youtube looking at Court's reviews, and made the jump today. Any other Stromer riders in Hawaii? I look forward to gaining knowledge from the board.
You get what you pay for applies to these. After a 18 months and 4000 miles on my st1 with zero downtime, I bought a st2.
My shimano Trinidad reels at 400 each a decade ago seemed outrageously overpriced, now after a decade of perfect service- the pennies a day ownership and still worth 300 each used.........
My Stromer and I will be moving to the Aloha state in January.

Can you recommend any bike-friendly communities to find a place to live?
Kapolei, Kailua, Hawai'i Kai, Ewa Beach are nice communities for biking. A little distance from downtown Honolulu, and the famous Hawaii traffic. The weather is a bikers dream.