All-Rounder for Hawaii ?


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Aloha ,
Looking for a long-range capable touring or commuting style electric bike that climbs well for riding on pavement .
It would help to also know your price range, your body weight, and any other specific preferences. There are so many ebikes now, that anything that will narrow down the choices is helpful.
around $3500
Around 195 pounds
Just started looking so not sure about other preferences ...
Think I'd like wider tires , but not a fat bike .
Speed is Not a priority .
Would like more upright riding position , but not necessarily straight up .
For the distance in one charge, you need more than 600 wh battery capacity.

If used solely on paved roads then either mid drive or hub drive will do, points for hub drive for durability.

For your application, I think FLX, mid drive is a good value, $1,799.00, and opt for the larger battery (612wh).
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Another good value is a smartmotion. $2,799. Built-in fenders and rack, 695wh battery, 28 mph, solid 45 miles range on high assist level (120 miles max range if you ride very slow).

And the high end is the Stromer that starts at $3,990. Built-in fenders and rack, 522wh battery, 28 mph, solid 25 miles range on high assist level (50 miles max range if you ride slow).

There are many options.
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The Bulls Six50 E2 might be a good candidate. Along with wider tires, it has a front suspension fork which also helps with rough pavement, although you might want to add a suspension seatpost also for even more comfort. And a mid-drive is often better for climbing. It has really good range, especially if you keep it in the lower assist levels, which if speed is not a big consideration, you will be able to do.
Here is the review:

The Ohm bikes are also ones to look at. They have the Bionx 500 watt system which is a rear hub motor, but is known to climb well. They have a semi-fat tire bike with 3.25 inch tires. Their clearance sale might make them affordable for you: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

If you are familiar with working on bicycles, then buying a bike online is an option. If not, I would start by looking for a dealer, although your options might be limited on Hawaii. Pedego seems to have dealers everywhere and their Ridge Rider model might be a good choice, well within your budget. I am not sure why the review on here lists the top range as 35 miles as it has a big battery. It also has a hub motor, but it also offers 20 gears, so you can use your own legs more to climb hills and extend range:

As I expected, Pedego has dealers on several Hawaiian islands:
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I am not that familiar with the Elby brand. By the way, when you need to ride 50 miles in one day, can you charge your battery after riding part of the way, i.e. at work? That would allow a wider range of ebikes that would work for you, as you might not need to have a full 50 miles of range.

Are there any dealers near you where you could ride several ebikes? That is a good way to start to narrow down what works and feels the best to you.
Can't charge part of the way .
There is one local e-bike dealer and will go there .

And there is a Pedego dealer in Kailua .
There are also a few local bike shops ; Specialized , Trek , ect...
But was interested in forum feedback as I begin the search
That dealer seems to have a wide range of ebikes, so trying some of them will probably help you narrow down your choices.
Aloha e-boy!

I'm a Pedego dealer in SoCal, so if you have any questions about Pedego Electric Bikes, feel free to ask me. My grandmother was from the Big Island, but I have family on Oahu, too, but I haven't ridden out there yet. I've met the Kailua dealer, and he seems like a good guy.

Pedego bikes with 48V/15Ah batteries will do about 30-35 miles on throttle alone and 50-60 miles, give or take, on pedal-assist.
I'm a Pedego dealer in SoCal, so if you have any questions about Pedego Electric Bikes, feel free to ask me.
Hi @JohnT , I have a few questions and concerns about the new Pedego Interceptor Platinum Edition:
  1. Is it possible to add fenders to the Platinum Edition? If so, do you recommend any in particular?
  2. What is the make and model of the hydraulic brake system?
  3. Any uncomfortable suspension seat post bounciness when riding over uneven surfaces?
  4. What are the differences between the 2015 Interceptor and the Platinum Edition handlebars?
  5. Equipped with Panasonic or Samsung lithium-ion battery cells?
Thanks for the info! I look forward to hearing from you soon. :)

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