All about "Neo Jumper" from Easy Motion

Ravi Kempaiah

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This is something that I have been researching for quite sometime and I thought this thread should help anyone who is interested in "Neo Jumper" model from Easy Motion.

Here is a great discussion (100+pages) thread about 'Easy Motion Neo' Line:

Here is a collection of high-res images of the bike:

Video reviews:

1. By our own Court :

2. By an e-bike enthusiast in Australia:

3. Pete from Electric Bike Report:

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Awesome roundup Ravi! These bikes are definitely cool in terms of looks but also they offer a great package with throttle and pedal assist! I just reviewed the new Neo Xtrem tonight and will be putting out some reviews on their new Bosch powered mid-drive electric bikes very soon. It's neat that they have jumped in fully and offer a huge line with some for city, some for off road and even some for road biking with carbon fiber frames! Good stuff.