Alibaba, Chinese E-bikes, comments please.

I looked at your link and noted this.
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
-Alibaba Offers same bike with spokes for $999 before shipping if URL still works

Shipping can be pretty expensive though for one bike, and since it has a battery it has to go by ship. I read about a guy getting charged over $500 for the boat ride for his bike.

So the E-Go folks get 100 of them in a shipping container. They have to pay $100K up front just for the bikes. Maybe $5K-8K for shipping, Some will be banged up and only good for spare parts, I think they should get their $1799 as profit for the risk. Plus they added the mag wheels.

As for mileage, that's just a claim. It's all in the quality of your battery and your speed.
Harry is right. Mileage depends on battery size, speed and your weight.
I don't think all the expensive e-bikes are coming from Alibaba, and neither do I find Alibaba prices very low. I looked into it once, when considered a small folding bike. If you note battery size and brand, battery placement, motor brand, display, sensors, - apples to apples it's not very cheap. Shipping is expensive and battery might not make it at all - because they hide it in order to avoid hazardous cargo surcharge. On top of that, you won't get any dealer support and warranty will be a pain. I would consider buying "parts" from Alibaba - not a complete bike - if they have exactly what I need and only after checking easier sources like Amazon.