Adult Electric Tricycles


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Does anyone know of a good electric tricycle? I have Lyme disease and horrible hip pain, so I need the bike to do all of the work. And I need my feet to be able to stay still and not be forced to pedal. I really want to get outside on flat trails with my boyfriend.

I'd rather it not be recumbent, but I'll consider those too.

Models that fold to take along in a camper van could be interesting.

Thanks for any ideas or recommendations of what to look at or stay away from!
Worksman, a long time high quality tricycle builder has a line of electric trikes now, including the foldable, Port-o-Trike with a decent 500 watt front hub motor that peaks at 750 watts. This might be a viable option for you! I'd call them at 800-962-BIKE and talk with them about your needs.