Adding USB port?


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Hello everyone, thanks for reading. I didn't find that this issue is discussed anywhere, sorry if I missed it.
I bought a USB port that is designed to be installed on an ebike, i.e., hooked into the electric system somehow. I simply have no idea how to install it, and I haven't found a video or anything that details the install.
The USB charger is this type of thing:

And my bike is this one:חנות/kalofun-luxury/#

I'm in Israel, so if it comes up in Hebrew, look for the flag in the bottom left and change it to UK or US.

Any help is really appreciated!

Thank for for the quick response!
Truth is, the link I posted isn't what I purchased, I just couldn't find to the link to the one I bought.
Assuming I do have one that will work (which I believe I do), are you able to instruct me on how to install it, i.e., where in the bike to access, how to get in there safely, etc.

If it works for 36Volts then you will need to turn off your battery and splice it into the battery's discharge. Automotive three-way connectors might be easiest. Some are heat shrink after they are crimped.
PedalUma you are A+ #1 top of my list king of the hill and a bag of chips!
But I just don't know what you mean, I'm just not so technically advanced or experienced!
What is meant by the battery's "discharge"?
You gotta talk to me like a 2 year old, I act like one sometimes according to my wife, and she's probably right.
I mean something like "first, pull out the battery. 2nd, you should see x, unscrew the screw under it and you should see y, go to the bathroom before the next part because you're gonna get nervous, cut the green wire 2/5 of an inch towards the bottom, make sure you've got a tissue nearby to catch debris."
Or you could make a video if it's not too much trouble. Thanks again!