Adding a trailer


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I have a '15 Evo Jet with the quick release rear hub. I was looking to mount my kids bike trailer to it but the rear hub bolt is thicker than a normal bike so I drilled out the mount hole on the trailer to fit. After doing that I found that the bottom of the caliper mount/hub mount has a couple of raised edges so that the trailer mount did not sit flush. I ground away some of the metal on the trailer mount so it now sits flush. Now however I find that the mount's tongue is welded too close to the mount hole so that I cannot thread on the quick release nut. Other than cutting off the mount from the tongue and welding on a longer mount, anybody have any suggestions? I am not confident enough in my welding skills enough to put my kids on the line and having it professionally done may be as expensive as buying a new trailer. Are there trailers out there built specifically for ebikes? Adapters?
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